Coroplast, the developer of many hit smartphone games such as "White Cat Project," "Black Cat Wiz," and "Alice Gear Aigis," has released a new title, "MONSTER UNIVERSE." " on funglr Games. While it has become commonplace to charge a certain amount for "free-to-play" games, the release of a full-length 3D action RPG that allows players to play through to the ending of the story for free was quite a surprise. It is a very challenging and player-friendly title that is typical of Coroplast, and I am sure that many people, including students who have difficulty paying for games, are already playing it. MONSTER UNIVERSE" is also a hot topic at Coloplast, and another title was announced on the same day. PRINCIPLES", a title with super beautiful graphics created by the new brand "COLOPL Creators", was announced!

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