The original manga by Yasunori Tanaka has been viewed 150 million times on "Shonen Jump +", and the TV anime "Summertime Renda" has been distributed exclusively by Disney Plus except for TV broadcast and one week limited missed distribution on TVer. will be available on a total of 24 services in Japan from November 15, 2022 (Tuesday)! If you have not watched any episodes of "Summertime Renda" since it was aired or after it was aired, please watch all the episodes on your video distribution service! Please watch all the episodes! Please check the official "Summertime Renda" website for the video streaming services that are available! Summertime Renda" will be adapted into a video game called "Summertime Renda Another Horizon," which will allow viewers to relive the main story and experience the original story. However, there is still not much information available. The second and third PVs have been released, revealing new information about the game's game system and the ori Ginal character "Kaori Koyumiba" in particular.

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