As we head toward the end of the year, the number of busy days is gradually increasing. It is a tough time when you have to work hard, but energy drinks are there to give you a boost at such a time. different energy drinks on the market, from well-known manufacturers to those with limited sales channels, to those that are limited to local regions or private brands, and of course there are many new brands that have appeared in the energy drink world. many new energy drinks that have appeared in recent years, such as "DETECTIVE" from COMP, which is well known for its complete meals, and "LOKITRICK ENERGY," which used to be sold exclusively through vending machines but has now started to be sold through e-commerce. Irmildo Pharmaceuticals, which manufactures and sells cosmetics, will enter the energy drink market in the future. The new brand "ENERICHE" energy drink is now on the market!

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