At the recent Tokyo Game Show 2022, many titles for the latest game consoles such as PS5 and Xbox Series X were announced.nThe titles are all made for the latest game consoles with high specs, so the images are beautiful and smooth, and loading times are blazing fast, making them comfortable to play.nThe problem with these latest game consoles is that they are so high-spec that the size of the console itself becomes large.nThe new "Under Desk Gaming Rack" from gaming furniture manufacturer Bauhutte is a product that makes use of the dead space under your desk to store and install the latest game consoles, which can be installed in limited space.nIt is a very nice product, but it has the disadvantage of being installed in a relatively difficult-to-see location.nThe newest game consoles are sleek and cool, and you want to display them in a place where they can be easily seen, and Bauhutte meets that need!nThe "GAMING DISPLAY STAND" is now available to display and store the latest game consoles!

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