The TV anime "Summertime Renda," based on the original story by Yasunori Tanaka, has been airing since April 2022.nAt the time of writing, Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the story is at its climax. There are only two episodes left.nWhat kind of ending will be reached, you will have to see for yourselves. For those of you who have read the original story, no spoilers!nIt was at the beginning of September 2022 that "Summertime Renda" was adapted into a game called "Summertime Renda Another Horizon" to the surprise of fans.nAt the time of the announcement, the game's genre was "Time-Lapse ADV," the platforms were Nintendo Switch and PS4, and the distributor was MAGES.nSince the "Summertime Render" game is a game that involves a lot of mystery, we were wondering how information about the game would be revealed, when a surprise announcement was made at the very first move!nAn original character will appear in "Summertime Renda Another Horizon"!

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