Kawano (@kawanoChannn) won the "Street Fighter V Champion Edition" at "Evo 2022" held from August 5, 2022 (Fri) to August 7, 2022 (Sun).nWith the recent cancellation of many tournaments due to the spread of the new coronavirus, and the announcement of the next "Street Fighter 6", Kawano said, "I thought I would never have the chance to become the world's number one in ST5 again, but I finally made it to the top. I finally made it to the top. I thought I would never have a chance to be number one in the world again, but now I'm finally number one," said Kono.nWith the final season of STV, all characters have been distributed, and the "Capcom Pro Tour 2022", which will probably be the last CPT for STV, is now underway, and the "CAPCOM CUP IX"" scheduled to be held in 2023 , is being held one after another. The CPT 2022 will be the last CPT in the world.nWhile CPT 2022 will be the focus of much attention, the CPT is also known for the release of additional costumes and stages to commemorate each CPT.nSeven CPT packs have been released over the past seven years, and now, just like the final season, the "Capcom Pro Tour Premier Pass Complete Bundle" is available for purchase!

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