Figure skating men's Yuzuru Hanyu (27), who won two consecutive gold medals at the 2014 Sochi and 2018 PyeongChang Olympics and turned professional in July, announced on the 7th that he has opened the official YouTube channel "HANYU YUZURU". did. This is the first personal information dissemination tool for Mr. Hanyu, who has not had an official SNS until now, and plans to post skating, performances, etc. in the future. While working as a professional, it will be another new challenge. At 6:00 pm on August 7, "Pro Skater Yuzuru Hanyu" "appeared" in a place that took everyone by surprise. Mr. Hanyu, who had no official SNS until now, suddenly opened a YouTube channel "HANYU YUZURU". It was 6:25 when the release was sent to the media. At this point, the number of views was about 20, and the channel had only two subscribers.

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