"Bigger is better! So many people are watching movies and playing games on large-screen TVs and monitors.nCompared to a decade ago, large-screen TVs and monitors are more affordable than ever before, but the 100-inch class of ultra-large screens are a different story, and they require an appropriate amount of installation space.nA projector is a relatively affordable way to realize the dream of enjoying games on an ultra-large screen where you have to move your head to see the edges of the screen.nIf you project the image onto the wall of a room, you can get a 100-inch class screen with great power, but one of the drawbacks of a projector is its installation location.nIt requires a certain distance from the wall or screen on which the image will be projected, and since it is a light-emitting mechanism, the image will be reflected on people or objects if the light crosses over them.nTherefore, ceiling-suspension like in restaurants, where the light passes over people, is ideal, but it is a bit difficult to make a hole in the ceiling in a rental property, isn't it?nFor such people, Bauhutte, a well-known gaming furniture company, has released the "PROJECTOR RACK," a rack that allows projectors to be installed as if suspended from the ceiling.

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