Summer is in full swing in 2022. This year, fireworks displays and summer festivals that had been canceled in recent years are being held, making it feel like summer in Japan is back.nAnd festivals are not just for real life! There are many events that can be called festivals in the game as well, and one of the most familiar is the annual "Tetris 1 Cup" event for the Nintendo Switch Online subscriber-only software "Tetris 99".nThe event was held in April 2022 and featured a special theme for "Kirby Discovery", the latest title in the "Kirby of the Stars" series, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, as well as the re-distribution of special themes from past Tet1 Cup events. It has been about 4 months since then.nNow, about four months later, the 30th "Tet1 Cup" has been decided!

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