Xtrfy" is a Swedish gaming equipment manufacturer that continues to produce high-end e-sports equipment.nXtrfy is a popular manufacturer that produces many high-performance devices, but its most famous product is the lightweight, high-precision "meatless mouse" with a hole in its body.nThe popular "M4" and "M42" models are available not only as wired models but also as wireless models, but they are so popular that many retailers are out of stock.nIn addition to the "M4" and "M42," Xtrfy's "Meatless Mouse" also includes the uniquely shaped "Xtrfy MZ1-Zy's Rail" designed by Rocket Jump Ninja, one of the world's top mouse reviewers, has also been released and is also very popular.nThe "Xtrfy MZ1-Zy's Rail" has been wired only until now, but now that the "M4" and "M42" are wireless, some of you may have had a hunch.nThe "Xtrfy MZ1-Zy's Rail" is now also wireless!

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