The common sense of the Showa and Heisei eras that "the NES can only be played on the TV in the living room until supper" has become nostalgic.nFrom high-performance stationary game consoles to portable game consoles that can be played anywhere, such as on the move.nFurthermore, a variety of games have been released for smartphones, which are in everyone's hands, so that it is difficult to be in an environment where you cannot play games at all.nIn particular, smartphones can play not only titles for smartphones, but also consumer games using cloud services, and PS4 and PS5 can access the console at home through the network to enjoy remote play.nWhen playing consumer titles on a smartphone, one of the concerns is its operability.nUnlike dedicated titles optimized for smartphones, there are many cases where touch controls do not work as expected.nEach manufacturer has released a controller device that connects to a smartphone and allows it to be operated like a portable game console, but if you are going to purchase a controller, don't you think it would be safer to purchase a licensed product?nBackBone One, a popular controller device, has announced a PlayStation-licensed device for the iPhone!

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