Games are fun to play, of course, but the characters in them are also very appealing.nI'm sure there are many gamers who have a "favorite" character, or perhaps even a "favorite" character or two!nWhen it comes to "guesses," we tend to buy goods without any regard, and it is human nature to want to feel close to our "guesses" as much as possible.nThe world is overflowing with various goods of various works, but sometimes it is difficult to wear your "guess" goods in your daily life, such as when you are at work.nEven in such situations, fragrances can be worn, so perfumes based on the image of your "guess" are very convenient to use.nFairy Tail Corporation, an importer and distributor of perfumes, has previously released perfumes based on the images of various characters, such as "An Yagami" from KOF '98, and now they have released a new product!nThe perfumes of four characters from the beautiful 2.5D fighting game "GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-" are now available!

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