In 2022, the rainy season has ended in Kanto, the fastest in history, and the rainy season front has returned.nThe weather is so hot and humid that even sitting still is draining your energy.nIt is necessary to take precautions against heat stroke by drinking water, of course, but also by staying hydrated with sports drinks, oral rehydration solution, and other drinks that are easily absorbed by the body.nEven assuming that you are properly hydrated, you will lose energy as you move around outside in high temperatures and are affected by the difference in temperature between the air-conditioned room and the cooler room.nEnergy drinks are, of course, the best source of energy at such times.nIn addition to convenience stores and supermarkets, energy drinks can be easily purchased from vending machines around town.nThe first of these vending machine-only products is "LOKITRICK ENERGY" with the catchphrase, "The fun is just beginning.nIt is very popular for its pop design and refreshing taste, but because of its "naughty" nature, it seems that an outrageous campaign has been launched.

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