Summer is in full swing in 2022! In Tokyo, there are few days when the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.nEven hotter than the rising temperatures is the hottest fighting game of 2022, SNK's "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV".nThe game will also be the title of the "Japan-Saudi Arabia eSports Match" SAUDI ARABIA ROUND to be held in Saudi Arabia on July 30 (Sat) and July 31 (Sun), 2022, and the "EVO 2022"" tournament to will be held from August 5 (Fri) to August 7 (Sun), 2022. The game is being played all over the world at this very moment.nKOF XV is a 3 on 3 team game with a wide variety of unique and playable characters, and currently there are 46 characters available including DLC.nAt this stage, there is still plenty to choose from, but the announcement that the long-awaited "Ura-Orochi Team" will be released in August 2022 has become a major topic of conversation.nAs July 2022 is almost over, there was much anticipation for further announcements, and now the trailer for the "Orochi Team Behind the Scenes" has been released!

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