The Dragon Quest series, which celebrates its 36th anniversary in 2022, is one of the nation's most popular games and has laid the foundation for RPGs.nDragon Quest XII: The Chosen Fate of the Flame" and the HD-2D version of "Dragon Quest III," which were announced on the 35th anniversary of the series, are still awaiting further news. Dragon Quest Treasures: Aoki Hitomi to Oku no Rashinban" will be released on December 9, 2022 (Friday).nThe "Dragon Quest: Dai no Tai Boken" TV animation series, which is currently airing, has reached its climax, and we cannot take our eyes off it.nThe "Dragon Quest" series is well-known for its many attractive designs, including unique monsters.nThe "DQ+g" item, a collaboration with the apparel brand "Graniph," has become a hot topic of conversation and has been released up to now in its second series.nThe collaboration was so well-received that there were many calls for another collaboration, and now the long-awaited third collaboration has been decided!

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