Wired, wireless, or fully wireless. There are various types of audio equipment for playing games and listening to music, including headphones, headsets, and earphones, and you probably choose the one you like to use according to your preference and purpose.nA decade ago, the wired type was the strongest due to latency and sound quality, but nowadays, with the evolution of technology, few people are concerned about latency and sound quality with wireless connections.nThe drawbacks of wireless devices, such as battery life and increased weight due to the battery, are no longer a concern at all, and more and more people are using wireless audio as their main source of entertainment.nManufacturers are releasing high-performance models of wireless headsets and earphones one after another, and models that support both 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity are increasing, so that a single device can be used for almost all devices around you.nSince this model is in high demand, there is no reason why ASUS' gaming brand "ROG," which produces a wide variety of high-performance gaming devices, should not release it!nROG's first gaming headset with dual-mode wireless connectivity, the ROG Delta S Wireless, is now available!

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