The legendary "Monster Rancher" simulation game series celebrates its 25th anniversary on Sunday, July 24, 2022.nLINE: Monster Rancher", the latest title for smartphones, has been announced and a closed beta test has been conducted, making this the 25th anniversary year of the series.nWhile fans of the series are looking forward to the launch of "LINE: Monster Rancher", "Nintendo Direct mini Software Maker Lineup 2022.6.28&" was broadcasted in June 2022. quot;, "Ultra Monster Monster Rancher" was announced, and fans were astonished.nThe ability to breed Ultra Monsters is a favorite of all boys, and with the addition of a new game feature that allows users to create monsters from traffic IC cards, many were eagerly awaiting additional information about the game.nWe had been taking it easy, thinking that the game would be released in 2022, maybe around the end of the year... but now the release date for "Ultra Monster Monster Rancher" has been announced!

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