REDEE, one of the largest digital education facilities in Japan, is located in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture.nREDEE is not only an e-sports facility with an arena equipped with a giant screen for e-sports events and public viewing, but also has a wide range of other areas, including a facility for experiencing the latest technologies such as VR and an e -motorsports facility in collaboration with Autobacs.nAs a "digital education facility," it also offers a range of experiences for men and women of all ages, from playing to learning, including the opportunity to enjoy and learn programming, which is now a compulsory subject in elementary schools, through games.nREDEE" has continued to evolve and enrich its contents since its opening in March 2020, and on August 1, 2022 (Monday), it will undergo a renewal! It has been announced that REDEE will be reborn as "a facility where visitors can experience more than 30 types of digital skill improvement experiences and the latest technology in a single day!

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