Sound is a very important element when playing a game.nSpectacular music, powerful sound effects, and footsteps that you might otherwise miss. In addition to increasing immersion in the game, equipment that can reproduce good sound is indispensable for improving the accuracy of game play by relying on sound.nEveryone uses a variety of audio equipment depending on their preferences and usage environment, but headsets and earphones are popular because they are easy to install and can be used even in apartment complexes.nIn the past, it was necessary to use a wired gaming headset with no delay, a wide range of sound reproduction, and a highly sensitive boom microphone when playing a game.nThanks to advances in technology, even wireless headsets rarely experience delays and can deliver clear, noise-free audio without the need for a boom microphone that is held close to the mouth.nIn particular, fully wireless earphones, in which the left and right earphones are not connected by wires, are popular because they are easy to use in daily life, and manufacturers of gaming devices are releasing them one after another.nHow could JBL, one of the world's largest audio brands, overlook such a situation?nJBL has announced the JBL Quantum TWS, the first fully wireless gaming earphones in the JBL Quantum series.

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