The shortest rainy season in history has ended in the Kanto region, and just when we thought it was going to be sweating hot, it has been raining.nFinally, the rainy season front has returned and it is said to be raining again, so you never know what the future holds.nBe sure to check the information on heavy rainfall in your area and be prepared in case of an emergency.nI think there are many people who are not in good shape when the weather is so unstable.nEnergy drinks are of course a great help at such times, right?nThere are a wide variety of energy drinks on the market, but the one that can be found in most convenience stores and supermarkets is probably "Monster Energy," the king of energy drinks.nRecently, many "Monster Energy" products have been gentle, such as the non-carbonated "Monster Super Fuel Killer Kiwi" and the "Monster Mango Loco," which contains 11% fruit juice, but a new product that can be called their quintessential energy drink has been announced.nThe popular "Monster Super Cola" flavor has been renewed!

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