Everyone cooperates and competes. Worrying about it alone or immersing yourself in a story. You can have a wonderful experience that enriches your life by playing games.nSome people may say that it is just a game, but there are many people who say that games have saved them or changed their lives, and it can be said that the impact of games is very large.nWe are now in an era where you can enjoy games on PCs and smartphones in addition to game consoles, so I think everyone has touched games in some way, but nowadays there are times when you can get a good deal by playing games other than the main game right?nThe same goes for the familiar login bonuses and daily missions in games for smartphones, as well as "Mission & Gifts" where you can get platinum points when you complete missions on the Nintendo Switch.nIt motivates you to play, and most of all, it's great to get something just by playing the game!nIt has been announced that we will finally start the Playstation after such a great attempt!nA new loyalty program "PlayStation Stars" is now open!

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