PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, Nintendo Switch "Demon Destruction Blade: Hinokami Blood Wind Story" is on sale with great popularitynSince it is released on such a multi-platform basis, I think that there are fewer people who want to play but do not have an environment, so if you have not played it, let's purchase it now and enjoy exhilarating action with easy operation!nNow, speaking of "Demon Blade Hinokami Blood Wind Story", it has been decided to produce a paid DLC "Additional Character Pack". It has been announced that the first of these will be the sound pillar "Ume Tengen" to be distributed in July 2022.nFor those of you who can't wait for the delivery to actually control that "flashy" action with that hand, we made you wait!nFinally, the distribution of the "Umei Tengen" character pack has started!

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