"Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" super-large expansion content of "Monster Hunter Rise" that has just been released on June 30, 2022 (Thursday)nSet in the new observation base "El Gado", hunters are overflowing all over the world who spend their days trying to hunt new monsters by making full use of new hunting actions.nAs proof of this, in the short period of one week since the release of "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak", "Monster Hunter Rise" has achieved an astonishing number of units sold worldwide, 10 million units worldwide, and in commemoration of that, item packs "Ergad Pack 1" and "Ergad Pack 2" will be released on July 7, 2022 (Thursday) It is now being distributed.nIt is all useful & it is good to have many items, and it is quite helpful if it is in the beginning, so it is quite a happy item pack for those who started "Monster Hunter Rise" from the release of "Monster Hunter Rise" : Sunbreak".nI thought that it would sell slowly after that because it sold at once at the beginning, but it was not supposed to be that because it was Monhan,nAs of July 13, 2022 (Wednesday), two weeks after its release, "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" has exceeded 3 million units worldwide!nTo commemorate that, the item pack "Ergad Pack 3" has started distribution!

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