The second installment of Sega's "Mega Drive Mini" series scheduled to be released on October 27, 2022 (Thursday) "Mega Drive Mini 2"nCurrently, 22 titles have been announced, and not only bonus titles "Fantasy Zone" and "Star Mobile" that will be recorded for the first time, but also titles that can be said to be miracles to be included such as "Majikaru ☆ Taruruto -kun" and "Nadia of the Sea of ​​Wonders" have been announced, and not only Sega fans but also game fans all over the world are trembling.nI'm hoping there will be a surprise at the third announcement on Friday, July 15, 2022 ... but let's wait for delivery!nThe analog compatible intelligent controller is "Mega Drive Mini 2" There is no shortage of topics other than recorded titles, such as the reprint of "Cyberstick", but remember that an overseas version "Genesis Mini" was released with a different design from the recorded title at the time of the first generation, right?nSince it was possible to get it even in Japan, many people may have obtained both the "Mega Drive Mini" and the "Genesis Mini" and placed them side by side.nSega is also very popular overseas, so there is no reason why it will be released only Japan this time!nThe overseas version of the Mega Drive Mini 2, the Genesis Mini 2, has been announced!

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