The HAL Institute's "Kirby the Star" series celebrated its 30th birthday on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.nHe is one of the Japanese characters loved all over the world for his adorable form of Manmaru from Puppland and his unique "copying ability".nIn March 2022, the latest work "Kirby Discovery of the Stars", which became the first 3D action game in the series, was also released and is a big hit.nRecently, there has been no shortage of topics like the 30th anniversary year, such as the announcement of collaboration goods with the general merchandise brand "SWIMMER" and the decision to open "Kirby Cafe NAGOYA" in Nagoya in September 2022.nThe latest information is still expected to be in the future in the "Kirby of the Stars" series, but "Kirby Discovery of the Stars" has just been released, and I was wondering if the information related to the game would be a little ahead , but suddenly a new title "Kirby's Gourmet Festival" was announced!

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