Time has passed since its release in November 2020, and many people may have acquired the Playstation 5 (PS5) and enjoyed the best gaming life.nThere are still few titles dedicated to PS5, but if you play a title with a PS5 version, you can experience its wonderful performance.nIn terms of video, audio, DualSense wireless controller, etc., the performance surpasses that of previous game consoles, but the most surprising thing about the PS5 is the shortness of the load.nThe PS5's custom SSD and its machine power make it possible to load at explosive speeds, allowing you to play comfortably with almost no waiting time for loading.nPersonally, after playing "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE" on PS4, the PS5 "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE" was a shock.nHowever, the PS5's built-in SSD has a capacity of 825GB.nSince you can not play the PS5 version of the title unless you save it on the built-in SSD, there are many people who are considering increasing the capacity.nFor all of you, Western Digital has announced an officially licensed SSD for PS5!

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