When you were a student, there were many club activities and circles, such as athletic associations and cultural activities, and many people may have participated in any of them and devoted themselves to activities.nThe experience of that time will be useful since you become a member of society, and it will be an opportunity to get along with seniors at work who were playing the same game.nCompared to a decade ago, the genres of club activities and circles have diversified in recent years, and unlike school activities, the number of people who gather voluntarily and engage in activities is increasing.nIsn't it e-sports that can be said to be the most prominent of them?nIn recent years, the number of high schools that have "e-sports clubs" has increased, and there are not a few people who have left achievements in global competitions since their student days.nHowever, because it is still a new genre, no matter how seriously you are working on it, there are still cases where companies do not understand you when you are job hunting.nIn order to break through the current situation, the e-sports federation and the AFTER 6 LEAGUE Executive Committee have announced that they will jointly hold an event to connect students and working people!

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