Taiwanese developer Digital Crafter's latest installment in the "Fight of" series: Fight of Steel: Infinity WarriornIn addition to the unique system of being able to customize various abilities and battle styles, which is very rare in competitive fighting games, the custom appearance of fighters is also talked about because it can be changed quite aggressively, not only at the usual costume change level.nIn the oven beta test conducted in June 2022, the skins of Mr. Oil King (@LeevyLin) and Mr. ET (@ET1120), two of Taiwan's two biggest professional gamers, appeared.nIt's been more than a year since the announcement of such an aggressive Fight of Steel in May 2021.nSince we held the open β test until the extension of the period, I thought that it was about time for the release date to be announced, but finally the release date of the Steam version has been officially announced!

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