Nintendo Switch "Splatoon 3" with about 2 months until the release on September 9, 2022 (Friday)nIf it is released, it will be a day of being immersed in splurs, so there are not a few people who are rushing to play the game they were going to accumulate and play now.nOn the official Twitter (@SplatoonJP), information such as buki, battle stage, information on the Bankara region, new songs of "Tentacles", etc. are released sequentially, so I think that many people thought that they would try Splatoon for the first time with this work.nThe screen is large and vivid to play in mobile mode, the "OLED model" with a wired LAN port on the dock is best when playing online in TV mode, and it is good to have a Pro controller for playing spla that requires bold and delicate operation.nAnd to get better, you have to practice a lot, so you want to carry it with you so that you can play anytime, anywhere. You also need a carrying case that you can carry around safely.nNintendo is looking at such a situation in its entirety!nThe Nintendo Switch OLED model, Pro controller, and carrying case of the "Splatoon 3" design will be released!

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