In 2022, there are always big titles released and new information is released, so I feel like there is more happy information about the game than usual.nVarious titles are being released on various platforms, but the titles released on the recent model "Playstation 5" are attracting attention.nThe latest installment of "State of Play," which provides the latest information on PlayStation, aired in March, | 3.10.22", but many of the titles that were announced after nearly 4 months have been released or followed.nHowever, despite being a big topic among them, "Valkyrie Elysium" has not been released new information so far.nAs it is the latest installment in the classic RPG "Valkyrie Profile" series, "Valkyrie Elysium" has been waiting for a follow-up report, but it has finally been decided that the latest trailer will be released!

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