The second season of the TV anime "Made in Abyss: Golden Township of the Furious Day" will start broadcasting on July 6, 2022 (Wednesday) "Made in Abyss"nThe other day, there was a broadcast of the movie version "Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul" that will be connected from the first season, and you must have prepared your mind in many ways for the second season.nNot only the long-awaited second season of the anime, but also the inevitable action RPG "Made in Abyss: Binary Star Aimed at Darkness" that has become a hot topic because it is a title of CERO Z (for ages 18 and over only ) New information is being released one after another.nThe release date has been decided on September 1, 2022 (Thursday), TV commercials have also been released, and pre-orders for the product version have started at each dealer.nThe "Puruska" Skittle, a perk that I don't think planners have a very human heart, was also talked about.nI think that there are many people who have already made reservations and are waiting for the release, but new information about the original mode "DEEP IN ABYSSS" of "Made in Abyss Binary Star Aiming for Darkness" has been released!

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