Among the many masterpieces of Weekly Shonen Jump, one of the signature works is "My Hero Academia" by Professor Kohei Horikoshi (@horikoshiko).nThe original manga has now entered the "final chapter" and is showing a furious development, but I think that there are also people who are comics and anime factions, so I will not touch on the contents! Just the best every week!nSince it is such a blockbuster title, of course it is inevitable that it will be turned into a game, and game works of "My Hero Academia" have been released so far, and characters from "My Hero Academia" have appeared in jump games , and it has been a big hit.nOf course, new titles have also been produced, with the free-to-play battle royale title "My Hero Academia ULTRA RUMBLE" announced in January 2022 and a closed beta test (CBT) in February 2022.nIf you're lucky enough to win the CBT, you've probably experienced the fun first, but if you've lost the CBT or found out after CBT is over, you want a chance to play early, right?nWe've made you wait! The 2nd CBT of "My Hero Academia ULTRA RUMBLE" has been decided!

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