The first half of 2022 is already over. We entered the second half of the season in July.nIn the Kanto region, the rainy season has come to an end at the fastest in history, and at the same time, summer has arrived at once, and it is sweating heat every day.nThe risk of heat stroke continues to be very high, so let's drink plenty of water and use an air conditioner or fan.nI'm certainly worried about my electricity bill, but it takes many times longer when I collapse from heat stroke.nIf you spend such days, there may be times when you are overwhelmed by the temperature difference between the outside and the room and do not feel good.nAt such a time, energy drinks are the ones that give energy, so each manufacturer announces and releases flavors for summer.nOf course, there is no reason why Red Bull, the pioneer of enadori in the Japan, will not also come out with a new flavor!nThe wings that will bestow on you in the summer of 2022 are light blue!

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