In 2019, the "Mega Drive Mini" was released and became a big hit. And on June 3, 2022 (Friday), the anniversary of the establishment of Sega, "Mega Drive Mini 2" was announced, and the popularity of the Mega Drive has been rekindled.nOf course, the generation that played the Mega Drive in the real-time generation, but also the younger generation who will play the Mega Drive for the first time will also be able to understand the awesomeness of "16-bit that the times demanded" !nRecently, if you subscribe to "Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack", you can play Mega Drive titles on "Sega Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online", so it is easy to play classic titles of yesteryear.nHowever! It has been less than a year since the service started, so there are still few titles that can be played!nFor those of you who want to play more Mega Drive classics, we've been waiting for you!n"SEGA Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online" has been added in July 2022!

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