Unlimited Performance Energy "ZONe" that continues to run the Enadori Top Group through various collaborations and releasing many products in modern society where various Enadori are releasednThere are so many flavors that other enadori are unparalleled, and there are various types such as a large capacity of 500 ml, a short can type of 240 ml, and even a jelly drink, so you can choose according to your taste and mood at that time, which is also a good thing of ZONe.nZONe has done many collaborations, but ZONe's first collaboration flavor "ZONe TOUGHNESS", which was realized through a collaboration with Cygames' "Horse Girl Pretty Derby", is still fresh in your memory.nThe first series appeared in February 2022, the second in March, and "ZONe TOUGHNESS" developed in all 16 designs will welcome a new horse daughter and return!nZONe × The third installation of the Horse Girl collaboration will be held!

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