One of the tastes of adults is alcohol.nThere are various kinds of alcohol in the world, so there are many people who choose alcohol based on taste preferences as well as compatibility with themselves and look forward to the end of work.nThere are several alcoholic beverage lovers in the funglr Games editorial department, including myself, and when new products are released, we exchange information and exchange impressions of taste from daytime.nThe sake online store "KURAND" offers alcohol lovers a unique encounter with sake that they have not yet seen.nIt is famous for "sake gacha" that you do not know if it contains anything, but "Blade Fang -BAKI-" which has an alcohol content of 20% in collaboration with the very popular manga "Blade Fang" series, and "Drinking Cheesecake" such as "Drinking Cheesecake" collaborated with "Movie Version Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica [New Edition] The Story of the Rebellion" We are working on very unique sake.nSince such "KURAND" has released a rich and refreshing new product that is perfect for summer, it is impossible not to introduce it!nAdult luxury liqueur "Chocolate Mint at 9 pm" is coming!

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