Swedish gaming equipment manufacturer "Xtrfy" continues to produce high-end e-sports equipmentnAmong the many products, Xtrfy can be said to be synonymous with the common name "lightweight mouse without meat" with a hole in the main body and high precision.nThe wireless version of the symmetrical "M42" released the other day "M42 WIRELESS" was as popular as ever, as the number of appointments ended at the official shop at the pre-order stage.nEven now, "M42 WIRELESS" is out of stock at the official shop, but there are cases where there is stock at the dealer, so I think that it is better to purchase it immediately if you find it.nEven if the mouse itself is high-performance, it cannot perform unless it is used in an appropriate environment.nOf particular importance is the mouse pad, which is placed under the mouse to make it easier to operate the mouse and to make the sensor work normally.nXtrfy has also released various types of gaming mouse pads, but all of them are popular, and the "GP4" series of art designs is at a level that was finally restocked the other day.nXtrfy has announced a new gaming mouse pad "GP5 Litus"!

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