In the Kanto region, the rainy season has come to an end and it is sunny like summer is in full swing.nWhen it gets hot, you may enjoy various kinds of play, but be careful of heat stroke and dehydration, and do not forget to take appropriate breaks and hydrate early.nAnd the fact that the day is hot means that the night will also be a tropical night, and it will be difficult to sleep at night.nEven though it is best to sleep well, there are nights when it is difficult to do so, so there are many cases where you will be attacked by a sleeping demon at work or school the next day.nWhat has supported me for many years when I am sleepy but now I have to concentrate is the "Break Sleep" series released by Tokiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of the Noevir Group. Everyone has helped at least once, hasn't it?nIt is a very powerful "Break Sleep" series, but there are actually few people who are not good at the concentrated and dense taste.nFor such people, "Sleeping and Sleeping Carbonated", a carbonated drink that can be played with a sharp spring from last year, was released, but it was announced that a new flavor in 2022 will join the ranks!

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