A while ago, there were many smartphone games that you could advance by simply tapping the screen, but nowadays all the games are comparable to PC and console games. Technological advancements are terrifying!nIf the platform is limited to smartphones, the interface is basically optimized for smartphones, making it easier to play with touch operation on smartphones.nHowever, when playing PC and console games on PC, such as ported titles released on PC and console games, or playing PC and console games using cloud services that have become popular in recent years, there are many cases where it is difficult to play by touch operation, right?nAt such a time, each company has released a convenient controller device that can be attached to a smartphone and operated like a portable game machine, but "Razer Kishi" is the most popular among them.nBoth the Android version and the iPhone version have been released and have been loved by many smartphone gamers, but two years have passed since its release and it has come back with even more power!nAndroid version of "Razer Kishi V2" is here!

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