In 2022, the hottest game is the latest installment in SNK's KOF series, "The King of Fighters XV" (hereinafter referred to as "KOF XV").nIn addition to the 39 characters available at launch, the paid DLC "Fatal Wolf MotW Team" was released in March 2022, "Omega Lugar" was released as a free DLC in April 2022, and the paid DLC "Southtown Team" was released in May 2022, making it a unique title with 46 characters available even though only 4 months have passed since its release.nIn addition, Team Pass 2 will be released as a paid DLC. It has been announced that two more teams and six characters will be released, with the first Team3 scheduled to be released in the summer of 2022.n"Southtown Team" has just been released in May, so I was cautious that the announcement would still be ahead, but the team that will compete in Team3 has suddenly been announced!nThat team that fans have been waiting for will appear with full force!

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