Akita Prefecture's "Matagi Snipers" started in earnest in September 2021 as Japan's first senior e-sports professional team with an average age of 65 years or oldernRather than ending up in fields such as "health" and "prevention of dementia," we gather members who think that it is "fun that can continue for life" and "new challenges" and aim to be "a presence that is highly regarded by grandchildren" and polish their abilities every day.nThere are only a few professional teams of e-sports by the elderly in the world, so it is still fresh in our memory that when we started our activities, it was taken up by many media outlets and attracted attention not only in Japan but also all over the world.nMore than half a year has passed since the start of "Matagis Snipers", but we have started recruiting new members for future activities!

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