It has already been two years since programming education became compulsory in elementary school.nBecause it is a subject that is difficult to teach at home, programming classes for children are being held in various places, and the number of places to learn outside of school is increasing.nIn particular, it is compatible with "games" as something that attracts children's interest, and it is well known that a curriculum using games is also implemented at REDEE, one of the largest digital educational facilities in Japan in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture.nIn fact, many game titles with the theme of programming have been released, and parents can learn programming while playing games at home, so parents can feel safe, and children can play games with the excuse of learning programming, so it is a win- win.nVarious manufacturers are now releasing programming games, but the first to do so is the "Solomon Program" released by Konami in February 2021.nBecause it is basically free to play, the "Solomon Program" has been played not only by children but also by a wide range of generations, but it has been announced that the service will end within 2022.

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