"Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase" which delivered the latest information on upcoming games to be released on Xbox and WindowsnA lot of new information popped out and delighted game fans all over the world.nfunglr Games also introduced some of the announcements, but one of the ones that received the most response was "Persona 3 Portable (P3P)", "Versona 4 The Golden (P4G)" and "Persona 5 The Royal (P5R)" from the "Persona" series of ATLUS and appeared on Xbox and Windows. And it was news that it would also be compatible with Xbox Game Pass.nEspecially with regard to "P3P", it is currently difficult to play due to the platform, so there may be some people who are considering purchasing Xbox after this announcement.nHowever, Xbox is not cheap either, so the hurdle to buy a new game console is quite high, right?nGood news for all of you!nWe've decided that these three titles will be released not only on Xbox and Windows, but also on PlayStation and Steam!

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