The latest work in the series, "Kuni-kun's Three Kingdoms, All Together!" is also in full swing, Arc System Works' "Kuni-kun" series.nIn addition to the pre-release Nintendo Switch download version and download card of "Kuni-kun's Three Kingdoms All Together!", on July 21, 2022 (Thursday), the download version of PS4 and Steam, and the boxed version of PS4 and Nintendo Switch will also be released.nThe "Kuni-kun" series is popular not only for the epionymous series but also for various gaijin works, but in recent years it has been a big hit with Gakuno's girlfriend "Misako" and Riki's girlfriend "Kyoko" as the main characters "Hot -blooded Hardcore Kuni Kuni Gaiden River City Girls".nIt is a popular title that has already been announced as the production of "2", but it has been decided that the long-awaited PS5 version will be released on June 23, 2022 (Thursday)!nTo commemorate this, it has been decided that "Misako" and "Kyoko" will participate in "Kuni-kun's Three Kingdoms All Gathered!

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