"Capcom Showcase | delivers the latest information of Capcom that was simultaneously distributed worldwide from June 14, 2022 (Tuesday) 7:00 Japan time. 2022.6.14"nAs announced in advance, in addition to the latest titles to be released in the future, such as "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak", "Exoprimal" and "Resident Evil RE: 4", there was also a lot of additional DLC information for "Dragon's Dogma" and "Resident Evil Village" for the 10th anniversary this year.nAlthough it has been announced that "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" will be released on June 15 (Wednesday), the release of the main game is about two weeks away, June 30 (Thursday).nFor those of you who can't wait for the launch, we've also announced a title that you can play right now!nThe latest model version of the 3 masterpieces of the "Resident Evil" series has started distribution!

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