June 2022 is also in the middle of the year.nIn the Kanto region, there are many days when the humidity is high because of the rainy season, and there are days when you feel emotionally depressed, right?nIn such a case, energy drinks give power both mentally and physically!nIn modern society, you can purchase a wide variety of flavors of enadori in various places such as vending machines, supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, etc., so you can choose enadbirds according to the mood of the day.nHowever, the problem is the coming hot season. Enadori also has a diuretic effect because it contains a lot of caffeine, and enadori alone may lead to dehydration.nYou can't drink water indefinitely, so there's something convenient that you can take in both energy and fluids!nIt is a Spodri type Enadori "Super Fuel" series released from Monster in 2021!n"Monster Super Fuel", which is currently available in two flavors, will have a new flavor in 2022!

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