Sanrio, one of Japan's leading companies, which has created many characters loved all over the worldnNot only popular characters with a long history, such as Kitty and "Hello Kitty", but also new characters are always being created, so isn't it the only company that every generation, young and old, male and female, has a favorite character?nThe results of the "2022 Sanrio Character Awards" were also announced at the "2022 SANRIO FES" held on Sunday, June 12, 2022, and "Sinalo Mall" won the first place! Three consecutive wins is terrifying!nThe "aggressive Karako" that I am pushing has done well with 40th place!nThere are a lot of attractive characters, so it's only natural that the game will be made using the personalities of those characters.nThe release date of the new game "Sanrio Characters Miracle Match" of Sanrio characters who have been made into games on various platforms such as consumers, browsers, and apps, and who have made guest appearances in other works, has been decided!

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