Cygames' full-fledged smartphone RPG "Gran Blue Fantasy"nAlthough it is a long-established title that has been in its ninth year since the service started in March 2014, it is also a representative presence of Japanese smartphone games where the new "cavalryman" continues to be born even now.nIn addition to the main game, there are also many media mixes such as manga, anime, games, radio, etc., but it is also a big hit in consumer games that jump out of smartphones.nTwo years have passed since the release of the competitive action RPG "Granblue Fantasy Versus", and even now, battles are being fought all over the world.nHowever, what Grable fans are most eagerly looking forward to is the action RPG "Gran Blue Fantasy Relink".nIt is scheduled to be released in 2022, and although it was a title that had been waiting for a sequel, it was announced that the release was postponed again.

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