One of the tastes of adults is alcohol.nThere are several drinkers in the funglr Games editorial department, including myself, and I look forward to a drink at the end of work and work hard every day to write. One drink doesn't end there.nEven if you say "sake" in one bite, there are countless alcoholic beverages around the world, so I think that there are alcohol that you have never drunk even if you have heard the name, and there are also liquors that you have not seen yet that you do not even know the name.nThe online sake store "KURAND" is familiar with offering such people encounters with new sake with "sake gacha", but alcohol in collaboration with various works and people is also popular.nSince every product of the collaboration is limited in quantity, even if it is released, it sold out at an early stage, and there are not a few people who could not get it, but that popular product is reappearing!nMadō Magi Collabo's "Sweet Witch Cheesecake Sake" has been decided to be re-sold!

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