The year 2022, which I felt like it had just begun, is already entering June.nI think that there are many people who are tired after about a month without a national holiday after Golden Week, but the next holiday is Marine Day on July 18, 2022 (Monday, national holiday). yet.nIn addition to that, there is also the fact that we will enter the rainy season, so it seems that the body and the mind will be lost.nA strongly ally that gives you strength at such a time is the energy drink.nBecause it is a modern society in the era of Enadori Sengoku, various manufacturers are releasing Enadori of various flavors, but speaking of hidden famous enadori that everyone in the know knows, it is the "EXSTRONG" series.n"EXSTRONG" has released many flavors, but a new product that can be said to be the strongest in history will appear.n"EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N", which also contains 100mg of caffeine per 100ml, has been announced!

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